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Monday, February 13, 2012



It is hard for me to believe that, I have had my surgery, Monday February 6th 2012,
0900 on the dot :D  they were right on time.  When I woke up I was in my room,  
My sweetheart, Eric was there, with Vena and Tyler.  It was good to see them.  
   I have to laugh,  My toes to cramp and my it feels like needles going into my heel just 
like it did before the surgery.  I have tingling in a foot that is no longer there.  :D  I have 
met others who have phantom pain they do not find it humorous,  but I do.  I have to laugh
how in the world do you feel pain something that is no longer there?  I have not been able to
convince my brain, I no longer have a lower leg.  :D  I am thankful he was able to do what is known as  a  RBKA -----   RIGHT LEG-- BELOW THE KNEE AMPUTATION------------
     On the second day,  of my hospital stay,  I began to transfer to the bedside chair,  using my left leg
I pushed and with my arms I pulled my body up to the top of the bed because I always seem to slide down somehow.   The thing I found the hardest ......... I am on 20 mg of lasix  ( water pill )  :D
I am also on full liquid diet.   not clear liquid......
  breakfast consisted of.......
grits ( which i do not care for) 
apple juice
orange juice
ice cream

lunch :D 
pureed cream of chicken soup  ( tasted really good)
ice tea
hot tea
ice cream

dinner  :
pureed cream of celery soup  ( it was really good )
ice tea
hot tea
ice cream :D 

this continued Monday through Wednesday  
yeahhhhhhhhhhh  finally a real food diet. Actually the other wasnt bad at all. The flavors were really good and it reminded me when i got my tonsils out  :D ice creams, puddings  etc.......   
the downside is .........with all of this liquid.......  I had a very hard time tyring to get to the bedside chair without wetting all over everything,  lasix and liquid diets do not mix  :D 
Every time I moved I wet to bed,  Oh believe me I still went to the bedside chair and had plenty 
there but wow........ it was hard.  lol and to me :D quite funny.   
   The second day,  the therapist came in, got me out of bed,  and with nerve damage in both arms
one leg working and minus one leg,  The got me up on a walker to walk down the hall,  Can you believe this???????   how does a person with one leg, never damage in both arms use a walker to walk down the hall?   I highly suggested the belt and they did use,  I felt much safer and I headed down the hall.  I was at the end of the hallway and about 10 rooms up through the doors was the nurses station. I didnt do too bad..... I didnt make it to the nurses station but close.  Now the hard part  
lol  I have to get back.  I made it and I was so happy to see my bed.   :D yeahhhhhhhhhhh......
   From that day on I continued to progress.  I walked a little farther down the hall than the day before,  :D  not much but a little.   I must say that my Nurses, CNA's,  ect........  took wonderful care of me.  There were alot of student nurses there,  that week.  they were also amazing and were quite fascinated by me.  lol  Cant imagine anyone being fascinated by me .......  I have always tried to keep a 
good attitude and no it is not always easy.  I have to admit,....... LAUGHTER is the best medicine.
    When you are smiling and joking,  it makes those around you feel better, more at ease with you and 
your day will be better and so will theirs.  
Because of my attitude,  the cna's,  didnt mind me calling them because I had accidents, or when I wanted to take a bird bath.  My first Cna  would not smile and the first thing I thought was........
hmmmmmmmm   I am going to make her my friend :D   I ignored her non smiles, stern ways,  I laughed, joked , always requested  never demanded,  I always thanked her.  These are things I always do ....... I did  not change or try to be somebody I wasnt,  It was not long and she smiled and was very kind to me.  All to often the Aids are not appreciated,  people demand from them most of the time more than they can give,  the pay is low and those who think they are better than the aids are like 
the Bullies at school.  You are not above them,  you need them.  Dont kid yourself. Try going to the hospital and do everything yourself,  the waitress,  you look down on........  if it were not for him or her, you would not have anyone to bring you a meal.........
   I am going to change the subject now and here are some photos of me when I was in the hospital
the first photo was taken about 2 hours after waking up from surgery.  the second one is of my amputated wrapped leg.  The third photo is my leg being held by AnnaMarie my nurse,  when she was changing my bandages,  one of the student nurses took this photo.  
  I am very tired tonight, praying you have a blessed Tuesday.  Hopefully my Therapist will be here in the morning. My nurse Linda came Sunday.......  she was with me for three hours working on papers, correcting things,  teaching me how to change my bandages,  teaching me to take care of my leg.  

   Night , Sweet Dreams and have a wonderful day :D  

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